How to talk to girls

Learn how to never run of out things to say, connect with women, and spark attraction.

Does any of the following sound familiar? 

Your mind blanks out after you start talking to a girl and you have no idea what to say next...

Your conversations with women go nowhere, feel forced, and you can tell she's losing interest by the second until she finally says "I have to find my friends"...

You can talk to women, but she either walks away saying "it was nice talking to you" OR best-case scenario she views you "as a friend"...

If you're ready to FINALLY discover how to create flowing conversations with women that create an emotional connection, attraction, and sexual tension, then go ahead and read on...

Problem #1: Your mind blanking out once you start talking to a girl

Most guys want to learn how to talk to girls because they've all encountered the dreaded brain-freeze after starting to talk to a girl. This is where their mind literally blanks out and they're left staring blankly at the girl wondering what to say next. 

This must've happened to me HUNDREDS of times, and I hated it. 

The reason why this kept happening was simply due to the fact I did NOT have a structure I could fall back on to never run out of things to say. 

I was flailing around, trying to wing my conversations, and reading shitty advice online that was written by people who clearly did not know what they were talking about or were just trying to pump out another article. 

Promise to me you won't wing it okay? 

You need a structure and framework on how conversations work, and it's all laid out in this course. 

Problem #2: Your conversations feel forced and she loses interest

Learning how to keep conversations going alone isn't enough.

After I learned how to never run out of things to say when talking to women, I started to run into another issue…

I felt like I was pulling teeth to keep the conversation going, and I could literally see a woman’s interest level in me decline each second I kept talking to her.


Here’s the answer: She didn’t feel a strong emotional connection to me and saw no reason to keep talking to me.

It was that simple, and the truth was a bitter pill to swallow.

Let’s be real for a second: You wanted to learn how to talk to girls and never run out of things to say because you want to have more women and more dates in your life. The way you meet, date, and attract more women is either by being ridiculously good-looking and/or by being a man that she feels connected to.

A lot of guys that learn how to keep a conversation going still don’t know how to connect with women, and bore her to death with their conversation.

From her perspective, there’s no spark or nothing pulling her to him.

Learning how to talk to women and connect with them is crucial for avoiding the whole “Nice talking to you I need to find my friends now” speech you’ve probably heard countless times already. 

Problem #3: You can talk to women but they still leave you and/or don't feel that gut-level attraction for you 

Here’s the truth: A woman that is into you will make it easy for you to hang out with her and set things up.

After I learned how to talk to women such that they really enjoyed our conversations, I would still leave empty-handed. They would either state they really enjoyed talking with me and would then leave, or they would say “I’d make a great friend.”

…What a stab right in the heart.

When this happens, this is due to the fact she does not feel any romance and attraction towards you.

There’s a difference between being social and being able to platonically connect with women vs. being a man where she feels this deep connection and strong attraction for.

We want to get you in the latter camp.

Don’t make the mistake of a man that can finally have a conversation a woman enjoys, but still can’t get a date to save his life.

Do yourself a favor and finally learn how to talk to women so you connect with them emotionally and spark attraction in them. You owe it to yourself.

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Jeremy Jong
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I help Asian men become strong men so they can be unstoppable in attracting & keeping their dream women. 


MainIy because I know what it's like to feel absolutely lost, alone, and helpless in all areas of my life especially my love life. 

I've found becoming the strongest & most confident version of myself was the overarching solution to getting what I wanted in dating & exceptions. 

I've been able to: 

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